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2520 Stainless Steel Sheet Has A Strong Anodic Polarization Phenomenon

  2520 Stainless Steel Sheet has a strong anodic polarization phenomenon

  2520 Stainless Steel Sheet with the analysis of pure chemical reagents and deionized distilled water preparation test with simulated solution, the solution of the concentration of corrosive media according to Luojiazhai 8 well formation water test data to determine. Before the test, simulate the solution first with high purity nitrogen pre-oxygen 2k or more. And then access o. 1MPa high purity c02 gas 1h after the test.

  From the corrosion potential and polarization curve measurement test medium temperature of 30i1Y and 9011Y; dynamic potential polarization curve potential test range of -600-l2 mv, at 40Y, 60Y, 8DY temperature, in the field environment aqueous solution co: Partial pressure is o. 1MPa AC impedance test. Test frequency range: 5mHz "looLHz, impedance measurement signal amplitude of 5mv sine wave.

  2520 Stainless Steel Sheet in the electrochemical corrosion test using the commonly used three-electrode system, the auxiliary electrode for the Pt, the reference electrode saturated calomel electrode (scE), the working electrode is 22Cr duplex stainless steel, corrosion surface area of 1.2-1. 5cm2, corrosive medium of 3.5% Nacl and 1.5m. YLHN0 ;. The test was carried out on a Ps-168 electrochemical measurement system with a dynamic potential polarization curve scan rate of O 2mV / so4. L 2 corrosion solution

  22cr duplex stainless steel sheet (B1) in 3.5% Nacl solution slowly swept the polarization curve. In the anodic polarized region, there is a strong anodic polarization phenomenon, and the slope of the anodic polarization curve in the strongly polarized region is very large. When the polarization potential reaches 1100mv, the polarization current of the system begins to increase abruptly. 2520 Stainless Steel Sheet in the self-corrosion potential -200mv to 1100mv polarization potential range, the polarization curve of the slope is very large, showing a strong polarization phenomenon. However, in the self-corrosion potential? 200mv to 11 concave mv polarization potential range, whether it is 22cr duplex stainless steel passivation area, can not directly conclude that because of the 2520 Stainless Steel Sheet this polarization curve characteristics and passivation metal The anodic polarization curves have similarities, but there are also great differences.