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2520 Stainless Steel Sheet Is Wear-resistant Stainless Steel Material

  2520 Stainless Steel Sheet is wear-resistant stainless steel material

  2520 stainless steel stainless steel is not only widely used corrosion-resistant materials, but also have good heat resistance (including oxidation resistance and high temperature strength), but also a class of important heat-resistant materials. Stable austenitic stainless steel, in the liquid air at low temperatures, can still maintain a high impact toughness, which is a very good low-temperature structural materials; such stainless steel is not ferromagnetic, and therefore also magnetic material c high-carbon Martensitic stainless steel, not only corrosion resistance, but also a good wear resistance, Gang and stainless steel is - wear-resistant materials. Therefore, stainless steel has a wide range of superior performance. Its commonality is stainless.

  2520 Stainless Steel Sheet in the use of small stainless steel under the conditions can be equipped with austenitic, ferrite or tempered martensite. Know stainless steel, to learn from the knowledge of other synthetic steel; the other hand, the understanding of stainless steel to understand and develop other alloy steel also has some reference significance.

  It is customary to use names such as "macro organization", "microstructure", "crystal structure", "molecular structure", "atomic structure". It seems that the structure is used in the atomic structure of the crystal structure and the electronic arrangement of the atomic structure, and the organization of the scale is larger c, customary, by means of x-ray and other physical methods, people speculate the structure; and by means of optical microscopy , People observe the organization. However, with the transmission electron microscopy resolution increased to the atomic scale, and field ion microscopy has been able to directly observe the atomic arrangement, then, in the past only the organization of the "microscope" has been developed to observe the structure; this way, the organization And the structure, there is no need to strictly divided. For simplicity, they can sometimes be merged and referred to simply as structures.

  2520 Stainless Steel Sheet is similar to the general building, the structure also includes the composition of its various components. In the alloy structure, the composition of chemical composition and geometric composition of two categories; chemical composition is the periodic table of chemical elements, such as Pe, C, Mn, Si, etc .; geometric components refers to the crystal defects The Such as vacancy, dislocation, industry, phase and so on. From a broad perspective, the chemical composition of the alloy is a constituent of the structure; and those geometric components can also be considered as a component of the alloy structure: For simplicity, the 2520 Stainless Steel Sheet can also be combined with the structure and structure.