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304 Stainless Steel Pipe Carbon Content

304 stainless steel pipe performance test marked after hot rolling can not be too fast, the individual application of the reactor cold. In the reflow process, the inert gas situation can eliminate the oxidation, and can reduce the flux of solder within the flux, which for some low residue or no-clean solder paste useful function is concerned, probably in the reflow process needs The last time (such as double-sided), is probably necessary. If you reach a number of heating process, with the OSP board will suffer, 304 stainless steel pipe in the nitrogen due to the bottom of the solderability of the copper wire will be better than the maintenance. 0% C, 12% -27% Cr The difference in the composition of the combination of fundamentally add molybdenum, tungsten, vanadium and niobium and other elements. The overall function of the steel is better than 310 and 304 stainless steel, low temperature conditions, when the sulfuric acid concentration is less than 15% and higher than 85%, 304 stainless steel pipe has a universal use.

304 stainless steel pipe also has excellent function of chloride corrosion, so it is used for land on weekdays. 316 stainless steel pipe alias 00Cr17Ni14Mo2 Corrosion resistance: corrosion resistance is better than 304 stainless steel, in the pulp and paper production process has excellent corrosion resistance. 304 stainless steel pipe changes the original cold-rolled pipe after the hard gas maintenance bright annealing furnace has two parts, bright annealing furnace and ammonia synthesis complete sets of installation. Bright Annealing Furnace The important structure of the furnace consists of a circular section muffle tank, the application of both sides and the bottom of the deployment of low-temperature heating wire heating method, ammonia synthesis gas as a maintenance gas and recirculating cooling gas. Other benefits of the nitrogen process also include a high external tension, which can widen the process window (especially for ultrafine pitch devices), improve the profile of the solder joint, and the degree of discoloration of the low profile material. Since the maximum carbon content of the 304 stainless steel pipe is 0.03, it can be used in applications where the annealing can not be stopped and the maximum corrosion resistance is required. At the same time, 316 and 317 stainless steel (317 stainless steel features see below) is molybdenum stainless steel. In a certain temperature, especially at high temperatures, the greater the load is made of 304 stainless steel pipe creep faster; in a certain load, the higher the temperature and the longer the longer the creep is greater. In the martensitic chromium stainless steel by adding chromium, carbon and molybdenum and other elements. Strength of the trend of change and in the martensitic chromium-nickel-based stainless steel 304 stainless steel pipe stainless steel welding process to add the strength characteristics of nickel.