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304 Stainless Steel Pipe Welding Problem Solving

304 stainless steel pipe machine guide rail plate protective cover of the property area is the traditional machine protection mode. In this category, steel telescopic rail guards are commonly used to prevent the use of chips and other sharp tools play a useful protective effect, after a certain structural pace and the appropriate scraper can also be useful low Soaking the coolant. 304 stainless steel pipe telescopic rail shield can be adapted to the contemporary machine tool for high-tech, accurate device status, high operating speed and other aspects of the request from time to time. Steel telescopic rail steel shield for high-quality 2-3mm thick steel cold forming, according to the request can also be stainless steel. A special appearance of polishing will make it devalued. Examples of guidewire protection (horizontal, vertical, tilted, horizontal) can be supplied for all machine tool types.

304 stainless steel pipe resistance to atmospheric corruption under the root of the chlorination with the stingy and the amount of change. Therefore, near the ocean about other chlorinated pollution flow on the corrosion of stainless steel pipe is the most important. Sure the quality of the fire, just the surface of the steel surface of the chlorine light only do when it is important. 304 stainless steel pipe can adapt to all kinds of use, its view will not have significant changes. Fruit, the use of stainless steel pipe in the market can be based on the price, the Canadian immigration, the market supply situation, force teaching function, manufacturing processing functions and view to choose. Property situation in the case of non-chloride pollution of the property, the stainless steel pipe can temporarily things, basically maintain the corrosion on the ground, which can be formed in the inside of the film, but the removal of the first film, by confrontation destroy some of the ground The In the case of chloride industry, will constitute a stainless steel pipe corrosion.

In the 304 stainless steel pipe welding process often encounter some problems, stainless steel electrode welding process in the electrode condensation to the length of the whole 1/3, the tail of the electrode will be red (as well as skin cracking), splash increases, weld Prominent, weld forming improved, slagging difficult. When the tail of the electrode redness, the size of the welding core has a greater elongation and expansion, so that the skin to accept a great expansion force (drug coating linear expansion coefficient and the core coefficient of expansion of the core, and the skin strength is lower Welding core strength) and lead to drug cracking, so that the process of sharp landing of the electrode. In order to eliminate or prevent the 304 stainless steel pipe electrode tail red and drug skin cracking signs.