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321 Stainless Steel Pipe In The Construction Of The Use

321 stainless steel Pipe in the construction of the use

In the category of construction, 321 stainless steel pipe in addition to the use of stainless steel bolts, door buttons, hinges and other hardware construction, but also to metal color based on a variety of grinding skills to give the appearance of beautiful, and then as a building Of the table decoration information. Therefore, about 20 years ago, the amount of stainless steel in this area on the high-speed increase, and as a conference venues, sports venues, airport terminals and other large and medium-sized building roof materials are also covered.

321 stainless steel Pipe Many applications are due to a variety of appearance processing (matt processing, grinding processing) with anti-glare of the stainless steel plate by the mall welcome to improve the resistance to rust of the new steel in the stainless steel production plant can be commercialized, according to The use of the environment to select the appropriate steel, even in the sea salt particles flying coastal areas can also be used. In the large roof on the requirements of small thermal expansion coefficient, corrosion resistance of the Cr-thin plate, 321 stainless steel Pipe has been used in the Tokyo International Exhibition Center and other construction. In the severe areas such as Okinawa and other areas, the super-stainless steel, which has further improved the corrosion resistance, has been used as the roof of the dam. This steel even in contact with the sea tidal zone, but also has excellent corrosion resistance, it has been used in the lower part of the coastal bridge anti-corrosion package on the composite material.

321 stainless steel pipe because of SUS304 and other austenitic stainless steel resistance, excellent welding, in the full use of its beautiful easy processing characteristics together, has been used as structural materials for the building of the main hall, wall, etc .; in the dike, And other civil structure of the paint repair difficult parts also use stainless steel, and also used in favor of high yield strength planning duplex stainless steel and Ni can not reduce the cost of Cr stainless steel.

321 stainless steel pipe to the concrete structure of high durability (high number of longevity) as the goal, stainless steel bars have been classified into the JIS standard, as the planning and construction guidelines. This is not only for improving the ease of processing, but also based on the decline including the repair of structural materials, including life cycle considerations. In general, the use of stainless steel as a structural material is imperative. 321 stainless steel Pipe stainless steel spoon, knives, dishes and other kitchen, table utensils have been all over, this is because the stainless steel in the living water has excellent corrosion resistance and metallic color of the sense of clean and widely accepted.

321 stainless steel pipe This trend also extends to the household appliances and tap water connected to the scouring tank, water heater tank, piping class use; also because of the outstanding processing and easy to use as a dishwasher, refrigerator and other exterior materials and other decorative materials The In the exterior use, the stainless steel plate uniformity of the excellent grinding together, but also coated with bright paint, so that it is not easy to attach fingerprints, and easy to wipe food stains. In the field of precision instruments, stainless steel can not only be used as shaft, screw (bolt), tension spring and other internal components, but also for external materials.