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Application Analysis Of Stainless Steel Pipe In Petrochemical Industry

  Application Analysis of Stainless Steel Pipe in Petrochemical Industry

  Petrochemical industry, including the fertilizer industry, the demand for stainless steel pipe is very large, the industry mainly uses stainless steel seamless pipe, specifications include: 304,321,316,316 L, 347,317 L, etc., diameter around ¢ 18- ¢ 610, Wall thickness of 6mm-50mm or so (generally selected specifications in the Φ159mm above the low-pressure pipeline), the specific application areas: the furnace tube, material delivery pipe, heat exchanger tube. E.g:

  Heat-resistant stainless steel pipe, mainly used for heat exchange and fluid delivery, the domestic market capacity of about 160,000 tons per year, due to the relevant requirements are very strict mainly by imports.

  Duplex stainless steel pipe, mainly used for chemical, fertilizer heat exchanger and fluid pipe market, because of its high strength, stress resistance, Stainless Steel Pipe corrosion resistance and economy, the annual consumption of about 4000-5000 tons.

  Stainless steel oil casing, oil drilling in the use of stainless steel non-magnetic drill collar, high resistance to CO, CO2 and Cl-corrosion of the super-ferrite stainless steel Cr13, Cr25 and other oil casing, according to rough statistical analysis of the annual consumption of 10,000 tons Above, 3 to 5 years after each year will need about 4 to 5 million tons, and this type of stainless steel pipe is still largely dependent on imports.

  In addition, the petrochemical industry potential market is a large-diameter oil cracking furnace tubes and low-temperature pipe, Stainless Steel Pipe because of its special heat and corrosion resistance requirements and equipment installation and maintenance inconvenience, and require equipment life cycle is long, need to control the material composition and special Heat treatment to optimize the mechanical properties and performance of the pipe. Another potential market for the fertilizer industry (urea, phosphate fertilizer) special steel pipe, the main steel for the 316Lmod and 2re69. At present, the above-mentioned stainless steel pipe mainly rely on imports.

  As an important part of the chemical industry, Stainless Steel Pipe the petrochemical industry includes a lot of production sectors, such as pesticides, fertilizers, rubber, synthetic materials and other industries. Petrochemical industry is the basic industry of economic development, involving many aspects of the real economy.