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Breakdown Of Stainless Steel Sheet Market Unfavorable Factors

  Breakdown of Stainless Steel Sheet market unfavorable factors

  Experienced last year's glory, better reflect the recession scene of stainless steel market nowadays. This market, the stainless steel industry consolidation, transformation, but the effect did not meet expectations. In the economic pressure continues to increase the state, the entire industry chain in all aspects of bear no small pressure, once the stagnation, the impact of the spread is too wide. Stainless Steel Sheet market sluggish so, the breakdown of the factor is really too much.

  1. Lennon is like a man

  London nickel low, the original under the broken million mark, and now has been hovering in the 8900 US dollars, breaking the new low during the year. China's poor demand outlook is expected and the strong trend of the dollar index, so that the basic metal market prices under pressure. The Fed frequently release interest rate expectations, but also to the metal market nervous. Copper, aluminum, nickel and zinc prices such as the continuity of the break, so that the market confidence loss, bearish mood strong, like the bottom line is not the bottom line, to kill everyone's patience. Asian Development Bank said that China's economic slowdown, the consumption of raw materials in China is cooling. As a raw material of Stainless Steel Sheet, nickel itself is no guarantee, not to mention Stainless Steel Sheet it

  2. Steel, terminal situation is grim

  Through the publication of the quarterly report, we can see a lot of old steel mills serious losses, only to the banks to finance the loan to maintain the capital chain cycle, steel production decline is not significant, the market sluggish, so that it fell into a vicious circle. Steel mills have also been reformed, steel mills have been eliminated, and have been integrated. But still defeated in the environment, the oversupply situation embarrassing existence. Stock forward, day settlement model emerged, the pressure part of the transfer to the traders on the shoulders. Traders increased financial pressure, spot prices continue to suppress, the terminal market more cautious, prices continue to break under the trouble, such as snowball-like growth, steel mills, traders, the terminal scarred.

  3. Stainless steel exports were anti-dumping

  Iron and steel industry downturn, the biggest reason is the excess capacity. This is the current global steel industry's ills. And China's exports in the steel sector nearly half of the huge export volume to the ASEAN countries, Europe and the United States have recently complained about China's steel exports. They denounced "in China's domestic overcapacity in the case, to lower than the cost of production costs a large number of exports, seriously undermining the country's steel environment." In the second half of this year against Stainless Steel Sheet to take anti-dumping means no less than five. The greater the environment, the protection of the country's desire to grow more and more, after a round of anti-dumping investigations, China's low-cost advantage hit a serious. Hoping to export through the export of weak domestic demand, the supply of such a means of excess, the implementation is not smooth.

  For the test of stainless steel far more than this, this year the probability of variability is not, the market is cold, but also please Baotuan heating. Really should be the sentence, Stainless Steel Sheet in order to star up, have to wait until the "monkey years" to the!