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Decorative Stainless Steel Pipe And Industrial Stainless Steel Pipe Difference

Decorative stainless steel pipe and industrial stainless steel pipe difference

Stainless steel Pipe is divided into two series: decorative stainless steel Pipe, industrial stainless steel Pipe.

Decorative stainless steel Pipe: usually outside the wall will be bright Pipe, hence the name of thinking, decorative stainless steel Pipe is used for decorative purposes, due to the production process with industrial stainless steel pipe is different, so the price is also greatly different, decorative stainless steel pipe generally used The production process for welding stainless steel pipe.

Industrial stainless steel pipe: usually industrial stainless steel pipe surface will be pickling Pipe, a small amount of black Pipe, industrial stainless steel pipe as mentioned above, is of industrial use, because the stainless steel pipe acid and alkali, corrosion resistance is better , So the general large-scale chemical production enterprises to use anti-corrosion materials are stainless steel Pipe, industrial stainless steel pipe production process is a molding, are seamless stainless steel Pipe.

Industrial stainless steel pipes are used as pipelines for conveying fluids such as oil, natural gas, water, gas, steam and other industries.

Overall, with the material of the industrial stainless steel pipe than the price of decorative stainless steel more than 1/3, because the cost of production, as well as cumbersome process.

Stainless steel Pipe decarburization process

By increasing the oxygen flow rate, reducing the pressure and oxygen gun height can improve the high carbon zone decarburization speed, shorten the smelting time.

Under the condition of vacuum degree less than 70Pa, the stirring intensity of low carbon zone has a great influence on the end point carbon content, and the lower carbon content can be obtained by increasing the argon blowing flow, and the lower carbon content can be obtained by prolonging the decarburization time.

VOD smelting smelting ultra-pure ferrite stainless steel pipe end point carbon mass fraction should be controlled at 100 × 10-6 below.

According to the characteristics of stainless steel pipe smelting, the effect of VOD refining process parameters on decarburization speed and end point carbon content of ultra pure ferritic stainless steel Pipe was studied by decarburization thermodynamics and kinetic analysis, and a large number of industrial production tests were carried out. The results of the test are:

The effect of smelting temperature on the decarburization of VOD is more favorable. The higher the temperature is, the more favorable is the decarburization. However, the temperature is controlled at 1600 ~ 1620 ℃.