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Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet Corrosion Resistance

Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet in recent years because of its unique nature, more and more widely used. Now, foreign buildings in a large number of Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet used to do decoration, Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet has been all the rage. Stainless steel has a unique metallic luster and strength, but also has a colorful, enduring color. Stainless steel plate It not only retains the physical, chemical, mechanical properties of the primary colors of stainless steel, but also has stronger corrosion resistance than primary colors stainless steel. Therefore, when it came out since the 1970s, it has been widely used in the fields of building materials, chemicals, automobiles, electronics industry and arts and crafts.

Color stainless steel decorative plate colorful, is a very good decorative materials, decorated with it to show the quality of elegant, color stainless steel plate at the same time with strong corrosion resistance, high mechanical properties, color surface layer does not fade, color with Light angle can produce different colors such as color changes, color stainless steel and color surface layer temperature 200 ℃, salt spray corrosion resistance than ordinary stainless steel, color stainless steel plate wear resistance and scratch resistance is equivalent to the foil layer of gold performance. Color stainless steel plate When bending 90 ℃, the color layer will not be damaged, can be used as hall wall panels, ceilings, elevator panels, car panels, construction and decoration, signs and other decorative purposes, color stainless steel are generally used in decorative walls The

In the commonly used primary colors of stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel is the most suitable coloring material, you can get a satisfactory color appearance. Ferritic stainless steel due to the coloring solution will increase the possibility of corrosion, the color is not as bright as the former. While the low-chromium high-carbon martensitic stainless steel, due to its poor corrosion resistance, can only get a dark color or black surface. It is reported that austenitic stainless steels were stained in industrial atmospheres for 6 years, exposed to marine atmospheres for 1 and a half years, soaked in boiling water for 28 days, or heated to about 300 ° C by low temperature surface oxidation , The color gloss did not change. In addition, it can withstand the general molding, drawing and bending processing and processing hardening. Color stainless steel can be used in many other areas except for the exterior wall and window frame decoration. For example, the use of black stainless steel plate can be made solar collector plate, the choice of heat absorption rate of 91% to 93%.

In the arts and crafts industry, the combination of color stainless steel and printing, etching and grinding can be used with the dot method to match the process, to produce a fade of three-dimensional relief murals, hanging screen and so on. In addition, the use of colored stainless steel manufacturing household appliances, cooking utensils, kitchen equipment, bathroom appliances, will be well received by consumers. Stainless steel decorative plate is a very good decorative materials, decorated with it to show the quality of Yongrong Huakui.