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Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet In The Area Of Civil Stainless Steel Plate Use

  Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet in the area of civil stainless steel plate use, decorative board a lot of types, the main mirror stainless steel plate, brushed stainless steel plate, titanium gold stainless steel plate, embossed stainless steel plate, and so on, today we highlight the decorative board in the hotel kitchen application.


  Stove Cooker Series. The hotel is a place for dining and lodging, so it must be used in stoves and other products. Among them, the most common products have, the two-headed single-tailed stove, double-headed two-tailed stove, single-tailed stir-fry, double head and single head of the Low soup stove, single door, double doors and the two steam cabinets, Western food production also need to, the level of the furnace, electric fryer and so on, the Japanese-Korean kitchen is also used to teppanyaki equipment. The panel bracket of this kind of equipment adopts Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet, durable, easy to clean!


  Smoke exhaust system series. Smoking is an important part of the state's required kitchen equipment. To purify the air, the purification quality of the outer exhaust air must conform to the national standard, therefore, this kind of equipment is essential. The common equipment has the luxurious smoke hood, transports the hookah cover, the Lampblack purifier, the fan and so on equipment, all panels use the stainless steel decorative board, the cheap beauty basically is 201 stainless steel plate.


  Conditioning Equipment series. The number of such devices is much higher, the name is also many, mainly has such several: the Workbench shelf. Used for cutting vegetables, vegetables, rice flour and so on. Commonly used to have a console, rice, 3-5-layer dish rack, Mai workbench, pool and other equipment, panel bracket are Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet and stainless steel decorative tube.


  Cooking Machinery Series. The main use here is some small mechanical equipment, more commonly used products have slicer, mixer, noodle machine, press machine, soy milk machine, coffee machine, ice machine and other products.


  Refrigeration and thermal insulation series. For the storage of raw materials, the freezer is often used, with 4 doors and 6 doors as the most common. In order to maintain the temperature of food, but also need to have insulation equipment. The water heater is also an essential equipment.

  Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet has penetrated into the hotel kitchen of a variety of products, low prices, durable long, easy to clean up, beautiful engaging and many other advantages!