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Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet In The Hotel Kitchen Application

Stainless steel plate, stainless steel plate, stainless steel plate, embossed stainless steel plate, etc. Today we focus on the use of decorative panels in the field of the hotel kitchen.

1. Stove stove series. The hotel belongs to the place of dining and accommodation, therefore, must use stove stove and other products. Among them, the most common products are, double-headed single-stove, double-headed double-headed stove, Stove, double head and single head of low soup stove, single door, double door and three steam cabinet, Western food production need to use, level grill, fryer, etc., Japanese and Korean kitchen also use To iron plate burning equipment, etc. Such equipment, panel support are made of stainless steel decorative panels, durable, easy to clean!

2. Smoke extraction system is an important one of the necessary kitchen equipment in the country. In order to purify the air, the quality of the exhaust air is also in line with the national standard. Therefore, such equipment is essential. The equipment has a luxury hood, water hood, fume purifier, fan and other equipment, all panels using stainless steel decorative panels, cheap US basic to 201 stainless steel plate.

3. Conditioning equipment series. The number of such equipment is more, the name is also a lot, there are so many kinds: the table shelf. Used to cut vegetables, put vegetables, rice, etc. Commonly used to have a console, rice frame, 3- 5-layer vegetable rack, face table, pool and other equipment, panel bracket are made of stainless steel decorative panels and stainless steel decorative tube.

4. Cooking machinery series. Here is mainly used in some small mechanical equipment, more commonly used products are slicing machine, mixer, and noodle machine, pressing machine, soya-bean milk maker, coffee machine, ice maker and other products.

5. For the storage of raw materials, often use the freezer to 4, 6 doors for the most common. In order to maintain the temperature of the food, but also need to have insulation devices, etc. Water boilers are also essential equipment The

Stainless steel decorative panels have been infiltrated into the hotel kitchen a variety of products, low prices, durable long, easy to clean, beautiful and so many advantages!