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How To Choose Stainless Steel Sheet Correctly

  How to choose Stainless Steel Sheet correctly

  We are common in the construction and home decoration will use Stainless Steel Sheet, Stainless Steel Sheet is a kind of anti-corrosion ability of the material, so get a very wide range of use, but we choose Stainless Steel Sheet, if the purchase of shoddy products, its material The corrosion resistance is also very bad, so we buy Stainless Steel Sheet, you need to pay attention to the selection method.

  What are the methods for selecting Stainless Steel Sheets?

  Now the construction and decoration are inseparable from the Stainless Steel Sheet, Stainless Steel Sheet is a good anti-corrosion steel plate, so now a lot of steel manufacturers are increasing the production of Stainless Steel Sheet, but also some illegal traders, Only the pursuit of the interests of the Stainless Steel Sheet to ignore the quality.

  1, in the selection of Stainless Steel Sheet before taking into account the use of stainless steel and the use of the environment. Such as: decoration with the general use of welded pipe, fluid transport generally use seamless pipe, medical or kitchen to use sanitary Stainless Steel Sheet, pressure using thick-walled tube, the general indoor use 200 series material can be used outside the 304 and other materials, Stainless Steel Sheet and In the alkaline or coastal areas generally use more than 316 materials.

  2, in the selection of steel pipe must be determined when the material standards. To 304 material as an example: a, from the price analysis, if the 304 material Stainless Steel Sheet or even lower than the market price of 301 material to be carefully identified, it is likely that other materials posing; b, that the surface is to play stamp C, available acid reagent test, 30 seconds after the material 304 does not change color, 201 black; d, Stainless Steel Sheet large quantities can be purchased samples sent to the national authority of the test center for the implementation of the test, the quality of the "304" words, and to obtain the manufacturer quality certificate as a certificate; Ingredient testing.

  3, watch the outer surface and the tube wall color is smooth and smooth, the thickness is uniform or rough phenomenon. General pipe this is not the basic inspection, and seamless steel pipe is the use of cold or hot-rolled way of production, improper operation in the production process prone to uneven thickness, the surface cracks and other phenomena, and the surface roughness is generally seamless No polishing treatment, Stainless Steel Sheet if the appearance of no special requirements do not affect the use.

  4, the purchase should be selected by the Quality and Technical Supervision assessed the outstanding products. In the customer there is a long time to use witness and good word of mouth is the most direct and effective way to buy.

  5, rolling pipe often appear within the heavy skin, pitting, and rolling green line, under normal circumstances these can not be avoided, but also does not affect the use, but in the purchase must choose as little as possible, in particular, check The inner surface.

  The same time as the above-

  So we have to remember when buying Stainless Steel Sheet, can not blindly pursue the low price of stainless steel and ignore the most important quality, only high-quality Stainless Steel Sheet to let me use more comfortable.