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How To Clean The Surface Of The Stainless Steel Pipe Iron Oxide Skin?

  How to clean the surface of the stainless steel pipe iron oxide skin?

  In the stainless steel tube surface layer of oxide film, this layer of oxide film is relatively thin and the density is very high, not easy to fall off, usually stainless steel slab in the furnace will appear 0.2 to 0.3 of the scale, within this range The problem of slabs can be removed with the scale of iron oxide. If the defects are not in this range, the surface defects on the slab shall not be treated and must be brought into the product. The stainless steel slabs are usually not able to select the flame to clean the surface of the flame Billet surface defects, flame finishing composition of the composition of the billet finishing area and the composition of the crystal has undergone a better change, interference with the corrosion resistance of stainless steel tube products. Stainless steel pipe surface of the iron oxide treatment is a lot of ways.

  General clean up the way there are iron oxide skin dispenser handling, water burst, shot blasting machine clean up.

  1, iron oxide skin dispenser processing: iron oxide skin filter mainly by the steel brush roller, drive equipment, high pressure water system, cooling water system and clamping equipment and so on. The two rollers (referred to as steel brush rollers) are mounted on the roller seat and the steel roll is rotated at a high speed in the opposite direction of the slab operation. The erosion of the surface of the slab is removed by the wire to remove the oxidation of the surface Metal. Iron oxide skin filter for more steel, but not clean up the iron oxide skin thoroughly.

  2, water explosion pool: water burst tank is a room temperature circulating water as a cooling medium, the high temperature slab into the pool, the use of "water burst" to remove the stainless steel pipe surface of the iron oxide skin. The principle is when the water encountered in the high temperature billet when the moment of vaporization, the occurrence of "water burst", the occurrence of a lot of high-pressure steam, the impact of steam effect on the surface of the slab to iron oxide skin fall. Together, the slab and its surface of the iron oxide skin in the high temperature state of the rapid cooling of the water to shorten the stress, due to the slab and the surface of the iron oxide skin stress between the different size, the iron oxide skin cracking and fall. Water pool low investment, less protection, production and operation costs low. But the application of less steel, only for some austenitic stainless steel, such as 301,304 and other steel.

  3, shot blasting machine clean: shot blasting machine is often used to clean the surface of stainless steel pipe iron oxide. Shot blasting machine is mainly composed of shot blasting chamber, throwing head, shot peening system, Stainless Steel Pipe  pellet cleaning equipment, pill material compensator, dust removal system, lubrication system and electrical control system. The operating principle is the use of shot blasting machine throws high-speed steel shot on the surface of iron slab impact, to fall. Shot blasting machine operating rate is higher, clean up to 3m / min, for more steel. Iron oxide skin to remove the effect is better, only shot blasting machine can not handle high temperature slab, the general request slab temperature below 80 °, so the use of shot blasting machine to clean up the cast iron oxide can not be on-line operation, Stainless Steel Pipe the need to cool down to 80 ° And then shot blasting operations.