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How To Judge The Pros And Cons Of Stainless Steel Coil

  How to judge the pros and cons of stainless steel coil

  We often think that the magnet adsorption of stainless steel coil to verify its advantages and disadvantages and authenticity, do not smoke is non-magnetic, that is good, genuine; suction is magnetic, so that is counterfeit, fake. Originally, this is an extreme one-sided, faulty distinction. The fact that stainless steel coil will be "rust", but also with a magnetic stainless steel coil is more than 60% of the iron as the matrix, to participate in network, nickel, molybdenum and other alloy elements of high alloy steel, its greatest feature is strong corrosion resistance, But the stainless steel coil is not absolutely rusty. In the coastal areas or some serious air pollution, when the air chloride ion content is large, exposed to the atmosphere in the stainless steel coil surface can have some rust, but these rust is limited to the appearance, will not corrode the stainless steel coil internal matrix The

  There are many varieties of stainless steel coils, most of them with magnetic properties, so that the adsorption of magnets is not a scientific method of distinguishing stainless steel coils. Most of the stainless steel coils commonly used as decorative tube sheets are austenitic 304 material, generally magnetic or weak, but magnetic properties may occur due to fluctuations in chemical composition or processing conditions, but this can not be considered Is the counterfeit or unqualified, what is the reason for this?

  The above mentioned austenite is magnetic or weak magnetic, and martensite or ferrite is magnetic, due to smelting component segregation or improper heat treatment, will cause austenitic 304 stainless steel coil in a small amount of martensite or iron Elemental organization. In this way, 304 stainless steel coil will be with a weak magnetic.

  In addition, 304 stainless steel coil through the cold processing, the structure will be transformed into martensite, cold forming the greater the degree of deformation, the greater the transformation of martensite, steel, the greater the magnetic. Like a batch of steel, produced Φ76 tube, no significant magnetic induction; production Φ9.5 tube, due to Ling bending deformation of the larger magnetic sense is significant; the production of rectangular tube deformation due to large diameter, especially Some of the corners, deformation is more intense magnetic more significant.