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Knowledge Of Stainless Steel Sheet Detection Methods

  Knowledge of Stainless Steel Sheet detection methods

  Stainless steel qualified to pass the inspection to determine the quality of seven points to go.

  1. Stainless Steel Sheet If the surface of the workpiece is attached with oil, the thickness of the scale of the oil attachment and the thickness and composition of the other parts are different and carburized. The carburized part of the base metal will be severely attacked by acid. Heavy oil burner when the initial combustion of oil droplets, if attached to the workpiece, the impact is also great. Therefore, the operating staff do not directly touch the stainless steel hand, do not make the workpiece stained with new oil.

  2, the surface of the workpiece if the cold processing attached to the lubricating oil, etc., must be in the trichlorethylene degreasing agent, caustic soda solution fully defatted and then rinse with warm water, and then heat treatment.

  3, stainless steel If the surface of debris, especially organic or gray attached to the workpiece, the heating of course, will have an impact on the scale.

  4, the difference between the atmosphere of stainless steel furnace atmosphere in the local differences, the formation of a scale will change, which is caused by acid pickling after the reasons for uneven. Therefore, in the heating, the furnace parts of the atmosphere must be the same.

  5, with the heated workpiece in direct contact with the object, must be fully dried to use. However, after drying, such as placed at room temperature, in the case of high humidity, the water will still condense on the surface of the workpiece. So, it is best to dry before use.

  Before the remnants of the scale, after heating the remaining parts of the scale and the site of no scale, there will be the thickness of the scale and the composition of the difference, causing pickling after the surface is not uniform, so not only pay attention to the final heat treatment, But also pay full attention to the middle heat treatment and pickling.

  The resulting oxide is different. Therefore, it is necessary to make the treatment member not directly in contact with the flame port during heating.