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Low Temperature Physical Properties Of Stainless Steel Strip

Low Temperature Physical Properties Of Stainless Steel Strip

All kinds of stainless steel at a very low temperature coefficient of heat conductivity of slight differences in size, but is generally about 1/50 of the coefficient of thermal conductivity at room temperature. At low temperature with magnetic flux (flux density) increased thermal conductivity increases.

(2) specific heat capacity

At extremely low temperatures, there are some differences in the specific heat of stainless steel. Specific heat capacity are greatly influenced by temperature, at 4k specific heat capacity may be reduced to below 1/100 specific heat capacity at room temperature.

(3) thermal expansion

For austenitic stainless steel, 80k shrinkage (relative to 273K) is slightly different in size. Nickel content has some effect on shrinkage.

(4) the resistivity

At very low temperature resistivity of each grade differences increased. Effect of alloy elements on electrical resistivity of larger size.

(5) magnetic

At low temperatures, austenitic stainless steel with materials of different quality magnetic susceptibility on load effects of magnetic fields are different. Alloys of different elements are different.

There is little difference between different brands of magnetic permeability.

(6) the elastic modulus

At low temperatures, the magnetic Poisson's ratio change of austenitic stainless steel to create extreme.