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Select Stainless Steel Sheet To Consider The Use Of Operating Conditions

  Select Stainless Steel Sheet to consider the use of operating conditions, such as manual operation or automatic operation, the performance and type of hot press, the quality requirements of the pressed material such as hardness, gloss and so on. Also need to consider economic accounting, each new polishing plate, required to produce a slow quality decorative plate times.

  In addition, when choosing the most reasonable thickness of Stainless Steel Sheet, it should consider its use time, quality and stiffness, and consider the strength requirement when the plate is under pressure; heat conduction performance; pressure distribution, platen format specifications.

  If the Stainless Steel Sheet thickness is not enough, easy to bend, the potential will affect the decorative plate production. If the thickness is too large, steel plate overweight, not only to increase the cost of steel plate, but also to the operation of the need to play with the difficulty. Also consider the Stainless Steel Sheet processing or use should leave the allowance. The thickness of the copper plate is not absolutely consistent, but strive to be in the same sheet thickness as far as possible, generally medium sized saw plate, thickness tolerance of 0.05 o. 15 mm. If the requirements are too stringent, the cost of grinding will also increase. Generally, the tensile strength of large, strong hardness of steel plate, mechanical damage, the greater the durability of the use of long, but grinding guillotine processing costs are relatively high.