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Selection Of High Quality Stainless Steel Pipe

  Selection of high quality stainless steel pipe

  First, before the selection of stainless steel pipe to take into account the use of stainless steel pipe and the use of the environment. such as: decoration with general use of welded pipe, fluid transport general use of seamless pipe, medical or kitchen to use sanitary grade stainless steel pipe, pressure on the use of thick wall tube; general indoor use of 200 series of materials, outdoor need to use 304 materials, and in the acid and alkaline areas or coastal areas generally use more than 316 materials.

  Second, in the selection of steel pipe must be determined material standards. Take 304 material as an example:

  1. From the price analysis, if 304 material stainless steel tube or even lower than the market on the general price of 301 materials, to be carefully identified, it is likely that other materials pseudo;

  2. To identify whether the tube surface is stamped with "304", and to obtain the manufacturer's certificate of quality as a voucher;

  3. Can be tested by acid reagent, 30 seconds after the material 304 do not change color, 201 to black;

  4. Large-volume purchase can be sampled to send samples to the national authoritative testing Center for the testing of ingredients.

  Third, to watch the outer surface and the walls of the tube is bright and smooth color, thickness is uniform or rough. General welded pipe The basic need not check, and seamless steel tubes are cold drawn or hot-rolled production, in the production process is not easy to produce uneven thickness, pipe surface cracks, and other phenomena, while the surface roughness is generally seamless tube is not polished, if the appearance of no special requirements do not affect the use.

  IV. Selection should be selected by the quality and technical supervision of the evaluation of outstanding products. In the customer has long time to use the witness and good reputation is the most direct and effective way to buy.

  Five, the rolling tube will often appear inside the heavy skin, hemp point, and rolling Green Line, under normal circumstances these unavoidable, also basically does not affect the use, but in the purchase must choose as little as possible, especially to check the inner surface.