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Special Properties Of Stainless Steel Pipe Tubing

  Special properties of stainless steel pipe tubing

  1. Excellent corrosion resistance: As the stainless steel surface will form a thin layer of protective film, although this protective film about 3 X 10-6 mm, but very strong, even if destroyed, as long as there is oxygen, you can immediately regenerate and prevent rust, as long as you know the characteristics of stainless steel and correct use, in the water pipe or up to 100 Shan hot water, such as less corrosive conditions, almost without fear of rust, do not worry about the galvanized steel pipe to produce common "rusty bumps." The resulting inner diameter becomes smaller or the resistance increases and so on phenomenon, can obtain the water flow which does not clog.

  2. Health and reliable and do not worry about the phenomenon of red water, green water and so on.

  3. Because of the lighter, can easily carry and construction and reduce costs.

  Thin-walled stainless steel pipe due to corrosion resistance and mechanical performance is superior, only the thickness of galvanized steel pipe can be about one-third. As a result, the weight of the tube is greatly lighter and the cost reduced, making handling easier and easier to install.

  4. Impact resistance

  5. Distortion: In the construction site, the stainless steel pipe pipe due to the construction site, space and construction tools restrictions, the construction staff often use the plastic pipe and not according to the Construction code to force the construction, therefore, it is necessary to consider the connection between pipe and pipe twist factors.