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Stainless Steel Coils And Maintenance Methods Are There?

1. every half month of stainless steel coil for a rag to wipe off any dust;

2. stainless steel coil processing can decide its limitations generally seamless steel pipe precision: wall thickness is not uniform, the turbulent outer low gloss, high cost of fixed length and appearance point and black point is not easy to remove in; you can use water to wash.

3. detection of stainless steel coils and plastic surgery must be offline. So it's high pressure, high strength, mechanical structures materials reflects its superiority. Stainless steel coil must not scrub with alcohol!

4. stainless steel coil material flow under the force of the elastic and plastic strain, if the stress is large enough, stainless steel coil result. Cleaning a stainless steel coil attention road; note that interface.

5. do not let the coil to catch an acid medium; encountered acidic medium stainless steel will corrode!