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Stainless Steel Pipe Corrosion Resistance Is Better

Today, many people choose to use stainless steel when using or buying stainless steel, because of its use in the process more traditional stainless steel manufacturers have more advantages. Now, let's take a look at stainless steel in the end what are the advantages of it.

1, chemical properties: chemical resistance and electrochemical corrosion resistance inside the steel is the best, second only to titanium.

2, physical properties: heat-resistant, high temperature, but also resistant to low temperature even ultra-low temperature.

3, mechanical properties: Depending on the type of stainless steel, mechanical properties vary, martensitic stainless steel with high strength, hardness, suitable for the manufacture of both corrosion resistance and high strength, high wear resistance of parts such as turbine shaft, Stainless steel knives, stainless steel bearings, austenitic stainless steel good plasticity, strength is not too high, but the corrosion resistance is the best stainless steel, suitable for very corrosion resistant and less demanding mechanical properties of the occasion, such as chemical plants, fertilizers Plant, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid manufacturers of equipment timber, etc., of course, can also be used for submarines and other military industries, ferritic stainless steel moderate mechanical strength, strength is not too high, however, oxidation resistance, suitable for a variety of industrial furnace parts.

4, process performance: Austenitic stainless steel process performance is best, due to good plasticity, Machinability known as a variety of plates, tubes and other profiles, suitable for pressure processing, martensitic stainless steel due to the high hardness of poor performance.

5, stainless steel tube corrosion resistance is better, with water or long-term in a humid environment is not easy to rust, and some of the modern technology research and development of stainless steel tube can be long-term chemical liquid erosion without damage.

6, stainless steel tube has good ductility, because the structure of stainless steel can withstand a certain amount of external force, although minor deformation occurs, but generally does not appear the same as brittle brittle failure.

7, stainless steel tube life, whether it is buried in the ground or exposed to the air, will not easily lead to physical and chemical reactions lead to changes in the elements.