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Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings In The Production Process To Produce Deformation How To Do?

Stainless steel pipe fittings in the production process to produce deformation how to do?

1, free correction and mold correction: free correction is the stainless steel Pipe on the plate or a dedicated simple mold, with a hammer beat until the size, shape to meet the requirements so far. Used for small pieces. Large castings are generally corrected on the specified corrective device. Stainless steel pipe Before the correction, the deformation of the castings should be grasped and equipped with the necessary correcting molds which are compatible with the geometrical shape and dimensions of the casting part. The mold correction is to place the casting in the forming mold (generally divided into upper and lower molds) The corrective machine with the selected pressure on the casting of the overall correction. When the overall correction, the general use of lifting equipment or manipulator will be cast into or out of the correction mold. The correction of the overall correction of the mold to be specially designed and manufactured, high precision requirements for a large number of assembly line production, Stainless steel pipe high production efficiency, labor intensity is small, the size of the castings after correction is small.

2, cold correction and thermal correction: cold correction is a hammer, manual press, jack, friction press or hydraulic press to correct the casting at room temperature. Stainless steel pipe It is suitable for cast aluminum alloy castings with small geometrical shapes and small deformation, and small castings with large deformation but good plasticity, and hardened aluminum alloy castings with large deformation. When the casting structure is complex, can be corrected by means of correction mold. Thermal correction is divided into local heating and overall heating. Some stainless steel Pipe cold correction more difficult, can be localized after hammer or with a press to correct. Thick-walled castings should be subjected to the overall heating correction. Stainless steel pipe The correct deformation should be measured before the correction, and then placed on the horn in the heat treatment furnace, the appropriate pad on the pad, the appropriate part of the need to apply the appropriate load, in the heat treatment process In the role of the load with the amount of deformation correction. If the correction after the heat treatment, correction should be carried out after the elimination of stress tempering, correction temperature and stress relief tempering temperature should be lower than the heat treatment tempering temperature 10-20 ℃.