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Stainless Steel PipeHealth And Environmental Protection Is Applicable

Stainless steel Pipe for a hollow long circular steel, is an economical cross-section steel, iron and steel industry is an important product, according to the production method is divided into two categories of seamless pipe and pipe, according to the material is divided into Ordinary carbon steel pipe, alloy steel pipe, bearing steel pipe and other types, safe and reliable, health and environmental protection, affordable, resistant to air, steam, water and other weak corrosive media and acid, alkali, salt and other chemical corrosive media corrosion, Is widely used in petroleum, chemical, medical, food, light industry, mechanical instruments and other industrial pipelines and mechanical structural components.

Stainless steel pipe is divided into ordinary carbon steel pipe, high-quality carbon structural steel pipe, alloy structure pipe, alloy steel pipe, bearing steel pipe, stainless steel pipe and precious metals to meet the special requirements and meet the special requirements of the double metal composite pipe, The A wide range of stainless steel tube, use different, its technical requirements vary, the production method is also different. The current production of steel pipe diameter range of 0.1-4500mm, wall thickness range of 0.01 ~ 250mm. In order to distinguish its characteristics, the steel pipe is usually classified according to the following method.

According to the use can be divided into oil pipe (casing, tubing and drill pipe, etc.), pipeline, boiler tubes, mechanical structure pipe, hydraulic prop pipe, cylinder tube, geological pipe, chemical pipe (high pressure fertilizer pipe, ) And ship management.

Stainless steel pipe is safe and reliable, hygienic and environmental protection, economical application, thin wall of pipeline and new reliable, simple and convenient method of connecting the development of success, it has more advantages of other pipe irreplaceable, the application of the project will be more and more , The use will be more and more popular, promising.

Since stainless steel has the many desirable properties required for building materials, it can be said to be unique in metals, and its development continues. In order to make stainless steel better in traditional applications, has been improving the existing type, and, in order to meet the stringent requirements of advanced building applications, is developing new stainless steel. As the production efficiency continues to improve, the quality of continuous improvement, stainless steel has become the architects choose one of the most cost-effective materials.

Stainless steel sets performance, appearance and use characteristics in one, so stainless steel will remain one of the best building materials in the world.