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Stainless Steel Spiral Pipe Cracking Do?

Causes of cracking in stainless steel coil is not working because in the process of drawing, the response to this phenomenon, small series to discuss with my friends crack reason and how to solve it, then the content below to learn about it.

Stainless steel coil, horizontal or point of cracking consists mainly of material in inclusion or δ-ferrite lead, stainless steel manufacturing processes should be controlled in the following points:

(1) improve the purity of materials, reduce the content of inclusions in stainless steel coil material.

(2) improve component design and annealing technology of hot and cold rolling, decrease of δ ferrite content in stainless steel substrate.

(3) the forming by deep drawing for thin to thick deep.

(4) increase the deep drawing of stainless steel coil passes, increases the die RADIUS, reduce the difficulty of the deformation of the material.

(5) increasing the drawing oil's viscosity to promote uniform deformation of material, to avoid stress concentration.

Through the above measures, we can know that stainless steel coils are applied not only to pay more attention to handling steps, also control the production process, making it the most accurate condition complete with the best products, in order to avoid the emergence of so many problems.