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The Role And Purpose Of Heat Treatment Of Stainless Steel Pipe

The role and purpose of heat treatment of stainless steel Pipe 

China as a big steel industry, many manufacturers in the progress of stainless steel pipe because the processing may fail the goods, steel pipe will no longer be used to continue processing, that is, we stainless steel pipe technology waste. Let's take a brief look at the reasons for the composition of steel pipe waste. Stainless steel Pipe at too high temperature may be too low, perhaps the amount of pressure is too large, resulting in ingot head cracking, because the casting quality fails, there will be stomata through the appearance of steel.

The appearance of the steel pipe usually has a bubble composition, mostly because of the appearance of the clean up and down the appearance of the dirty equipment, aluminum and cast pieces of the erosion of the traces of residual residue, the emulsion seal in the first welding rolling time is not closed, Will cause the emulsion under the aluminum plate, the ingot is oxidized by the primary edge of the heating temperature of the heating temperature is too long.

If the stainless steel Pipe may be metal residue, 321 stainless steel Pipe that quality is not excellent, this is the ingot slag exposure. The correct control of the roller, the thickness of the application may show ills, pressure adjustment is not suitable for the composition of stainless steel Pipe is too thin. The temperature inside the furnace is not the average, the heat treatment of high temperature appearance is not correct, the metal temperature exceeds or reach the metal over-burning temperature, did not comply with the rules of heat treatment will be made burning surface, the Department of burners similar to the heat, Disposal is not appropriate. Above are the reasons for the waste of stainless steel technology, if the progress in the processing can grasp the correct way and standards, you can cut the number of waste technology.

Stainless steel Pipe and the rest of the alloy metal in the processing progress through the heat treatment techniques, the use of heating, insulation and cooling methods, the use of solid-phase metal phase change rules to improve the performance of the metal may be improved, desirable in the layout and chemical, Mechanical and other properties. Annealing is a heat treatment in a heat treatment to refine the grain, adjust the laying, reduce or eliminate stress and lay out defects.

Common annealing techniques are usually four: isothermal annealing, complete annealing, spheroidizing annealing and stress relief annealing. The complete annealing is occasionally used for the welding layout, mainly for the various components of the anatomical alloy steel and carbon steel castings, and hot and forging profiles, referred to as annealing, also known as recrystallization annealing. Fully annealed as a preheating of some of the workpieces, for some non-cold rolled stainless steel Pipes, the complete annealing is usually done as a result of heat treatment. And the complete annealing control, isothermal annealing and complete annealing of the cooling method is different, but the two heating temperature is exactly the same, and isothermal annealing can even narrow some of the austenite control of the alloy steel annealing cycle.